A Checklist for Cleaning a Salon with Pictures

A Checklist for Cleaning a Salon with Pictures

WashMake sure to keep up with laundry. Always clean towels and capes so their availability does not run out.

If your salon uses glasses or mugs for beverages, make sure to clean them thoroughly. Clients want to drink out Versace Pas Cher of clean cups, so they need to look immaculate. Don’t forget to clean the coffee pot.

Color bowls and bottles need to be cleaned immediately after use. Don’t let them pile up in the sink or on counters. If they are not cleaned right away, the potential Golden Goose Sneakers Damen Sale arises for an Burberry Outlet London even bigger mess through any accidental spills.

Wipe down anything that shows smudging or dirt. Windows and mirrors need a daily cleaning. Work stations should be cleaned of any hair dye or hair product. Buildup from hair products can start to coat a work station, so make sure to wipe them down kenzo pas cher regularly.

Hair RemovalSweep floors after a haircut. A pile of hair on the floor is unsightly and it can also be slippery, which is a hazard to all. Make sure to sweep under work stations and even in the Parajumpers Right Hand Herr back room; hair piles can travel so do not just sweep in the obvious areas.
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